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  1. Hi there... sorry for the super duper late reply as work was killing me :(


    Yes I am still riding the xhot.. and I suppose you want some review on it? :)


    1. FC is good... 40~42 KM/L depending on how you ride it

    2. Pick up.. so so lah.... I came from scrambler background.. haha...

    3. Top speed about 110 like that... good enough

    4. Storage is good... but could be deeper... right now it can only fit open face helmet

    5. Vibration a bit more...


    Overall, as a transport, I am happy :)

  2. Hi, i believe you have gooten yourself a xhot. This bike is still shortlisted by me and would appreciate if you could share your comments on this bike if you are riding. Thanks

  3. Sorry dude.. never see this msg :p


    Yes still selling... I need the $$ to cover dad's medical bill :)

  4. bro any reason why u selling away ur wr250x?

    and are u still selling it?

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