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  1. Did you manage to get your bike? If not pm me.
  2. Why do you care man, there are people like us out here still, dont degrade the forum any more
  3. Do anything but dont get caught loh, if no one give you anything, then okay
  4. Definitely worth it but your skills will have to be up to par so wont kenna accident
  5. Lol, wah thats quite a background story, why would you resort to post here for girls?!
  6. lolol, really GL some of them. Safety first man.
  7. ka kun kup? Haha yeah singapore too ex, must kup
  8. I think ntuc is pretty good already, what are you looking for that differs?
  9. Wow, will be trying this out, thanks so much for the effort, will feedback after using more
  10. Yes is there any updates? WIll like to know more
  11. Definitely and must be legit, this is my life im protecting.
  12. Wow those are some nice plates, didnt know can sell that much
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