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  1. Thanks. So I assume you just have to sandpaper the edges you want to stick together, and then apply superglue? What sort of glue did you use?

  2. what you need is sand paper, superglue and some cloth...


    the whole process is simple.... but i too lazy to type out...



  3. Hey, I read on one of the threads that you fixed a cracked fairing on your own. Mind letting me know what you used, how you did it and how much the whole procedure cost?


    My fairings are cracked all around the screws and I want to find some way to stick them back together so they stop flapping about.


    Thanks in advance!

  4. bring money... it will solve all your problems...
  5. any good hardware store would have it... there is many grades available...
  6. For your price range, try Regina. They have Puma at that price...
  7. kaozie

    Kawasaki 1400s

    i have 2 old stock at 15 each, 7 new stock at 18 each while stock last
  8. kaozie

    Kawasaki 1400s

    take a look at your rider foot peg lah... its the rubber on top... same for the front brake caliper bolts, all these are stock parts...
  9. kaozie

    Kawasaki 1400s

    XR125 what bike you buying???
  10. kaozie

    Kawasaki 1400s

    guys, i'm selling my ride... need to clear all my spare parts... oil filters, air filter, foot peg rubber and front brake caliper bolts... let me know if you want...
  11. kaozie

    Kawasaki 1400s

    time for you to change bike...
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