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  1. I have a Toby damper and bracker for R1 2006 model for sale. Good working condition. Interested can PM me. Thanks !
  2. Hi Hi ! Think nowadays seldom got ppl come forum liao.
  3. hi bro,

    what r the parts u wan from my cbr600?? nw i only have the zero gravity corsa windshield, front n back axle slider. paul 96199114

  4. Hi bro, I saw ur post in http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/358888-Rieju-RS3-125-for-Sale?highlight ....just wondering is ur friend still riding rieju rs3???

  5. Hey there bro. I saw your pos5 pertaining your exhaust.

    I was stop by rov too and and followed your advice.

    Any sample appeal letter that you have since its my first time? Thanks bro

  6. bro $100 for the front tyre

  7. oh but i read the forums,they say muz stick some sticker right,my sf no fairing,got side shrouds,i can stick there ;) so i can juz join like that uh?ok i'll monitor thread,see when can meet up the group ;) i new to this ah! i blur blur one haha

  8. Hi bro, no need to do anything to join S4C.. I left the thread unattended for very long. Now that i am back, might organise some meetups or maybe petrol or makan session ? If there's any, i will post in in the thread and juz be there !

  9. hi stardust,im interested to join S4C,wht do i need to do?(:

  10. Hi there,


    saw your post on akuma helmet.


    I am ordering myself online. Getting the Phantom 2 and the Stealth


    just like to ask about sizing.


    I measured my forehead and found it is 57 cm(middle forehead), and 57.5cm if measure at brow area.





    Base on the size chart im about (L)


    but again these are estimates.


    In your opinion should i take a Med? or Large?


    Again there are comments on Phantom 2 saying they run one size small but those are just hearsay.


    hope to hear from you.


    And btw may i ask how u find your helmet?


    I love the lights and looks of it.


    HOw much you buy yours and where?


    Hope to hear from a fellow akuma user.


    Thank you!

  11. bro..where u customize ur radiator with the bruce lee pic...im interested to do my revo with my own design

  12. nice...............

  13. Hey bro. i may dekit my Busa. u said u may b interested in my parts. still keen?

  14. bro helmet still up? im interested, but need to check on the sizing first.

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