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  1. I have a Toby damper and bracker for R1 2006 model for sale. Good working condition. Interested can PM me. Thanks !
  2. Hi Hi ! Think nowadays seldom got ppl come forum liao.
  3. Hi bro, no need to do anything to join S4C.. I left the thread unattended for very long. Now that i am back, might organise some meetups or maybe petrol or makan session ? If there's any, i will post in in the thread and juz be there !

  4. Sure sure...no problem...Juz pop by the thread for our TCSS...:D

  5. Bro,did i saw ur XJR Redbull design at tampines yesterday ? I was at the 400+ Carpark and i saw u turn in...I was driving though....
  6. Hey Bros and Sis,any one can tell me whether a Spec II fork brace can fit on a Spec III ? And I got the Hella $55 horn from Mustafah...Issit an approve horn ? Thanks !
  7. Normally when i move off is ard 4 or 5 k RPM de leh..
  8. Dun worry...not so high tech till head no need turn also noe ur speed lahz..lolx...
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