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  1. That the point aiya thanks bro for understanding my English hahaha.
  2. Whatever your opinion it up to you to say what you want same as whatever my opinion is up to me to say and whatever my opinion I had in my own treat right? Sure you never know how to let the story end. Sometimes a basic mutual understanding and respect will go a Long way konne. But thanks to you making my post in TOP of the page. So I no need to keep saying (UPPz for the day).
  3. You are neither wrong or right. It up to individual bro. I just respect every individual in their own believe we are a nobody to tell them what is your own believe and must follow your way. Have a great weekend nice meeting you broí ½í¸Ž
  4. Konne you sure know all those shop interest and admin charges here and ther. But do you have any experience doing or been through coi transaction. That why bro your point is correct we can reduce the Coe but making sure the Coe bidding is lesser.
  5. My past 10 yrs as rider have no problem In trust. As I ever had my bike to be coi and let them enjoy it while I working overseas. It all luck bro. Mostly these type of deal I will look for mature rider not those rider who have rider poor attitudes. And first impression important if the rust is there. Bro jimmy Wong hope I answer your curiosity.
  6. Hahaha ya I know. I just prefer to go for those who have high commitment or spare bike to share the ride.
  7. Hi bro and sis I'm looking for class 2 touring or street bike above 1000cc to coi as a spare bike. If you have do pm me. Thank you.
  8. Up for the Wednesday prefer bike 1000cc and above. ������
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