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  1. self rev is the same price as lesson. And in BBDC there is no self rev until u pass lesson 3. For ssdc self rev is only unlock after u complete lesson 2.
  2. Yea bbdc test date consider quite fast for now although I heard before COVID Pple can get their 2a within a month. But it’s ok it’s not that bad. I pass.. now waiting for tp XD. Hope I pass as well. Don’t wanna wake up early with all the anxiety again lol Not sure what’s the norm rate for taking revision. I planning to take quite a few...
  3. Haven't pass...I am stuck at lesson 3. Hopefully I can pass today and book TP on 18th Feb.
  4. test same but BBDC got many lanes. SSDC all single lane except for tha traffic junction. So at BBDC more rooms for errors/points. Plus SSDC no need to push bike back at the end point. BBDC have to. If drop = GG
  5. Yes and no. I had problem with online enrollment. Note that i can enroll on 2nd but because of this i need to book an e-appointment to do physical enrollment with the earliest date being 11th. And knowing the lessons availability which can be 1-2weeks away means the earliest first lesson I can attend is est to be 17th. And yet here I am in BBDC already on lesson 3, attending 2 to 3 lessons in a week. Unless of cause if I am not rushing for my 2A, I would enroll with SSDC since their circuit is easier to pass.
  6. Yea Got my 2b from SSDC but now taking 2a at bbdc.
  7. yea bbdc test date for now is earlier than ssdc ~
  8. Thanks guys. Yea I was asking for the lessons availability. But anyways I had problem with SSDC enrolment and didn’t want to waste anymore time waiting so I end up enrolling at bbdc. my friend enrolled SSDC for 2a. He got lucky and manage to grab a few trysell lesson which are days apart. But sometimes have to wait up to 2 weeks. As for bbdc so far I’m able to attend 3 lessons within a week. Actually more if I had the time because there seems to be always Pple selling their booked lesson. If not, the frequency is maybe just 3 to 5 days between lessons.
  9. anyone taking class 2A/2 how is the lesson frequency like?
  10. Iszaki, so many of your bike around how he know is u??! hahahaa congrats @icaruse is normal till now i also feel I pass with luck only, if i go take another time maybe will fail LOL welcome to the real world riding with ******* driver, stay safe!
  11. I wouldn't recommend any CB190 models although they came up with a few variation some quite nice looking but the bike engine and everything from China. They are China Honda..not honda honda.... And when i went bike shopping a lot of the mechanic were like shaking their head and were against me buying it. Ask to consider get other bike like R15 etc... I am more into street bike so i would say can consider CB150R (I am riding this) and XSR155 (but ya no used one just release). If not R15 is good if u are into sport bike.
  12. This is not true for me. The day of TP i feel actually my instructors are stricter. They caught me on many minor stuff that adds up but not so for Tester. Anyway still see heng sway that day what tester u get la.
  13. can one hang in there. maybe just rest 1 week then go practice. Since now u know what step they want just run it through ur head 1st then when practice try it out. Other than this what other points u getting? This turning cannot be take up all ur 18 points ma?
  14. what your sch like more check eh? I am pretty sure my sch teach Check traffic 1st (left right) then Check back. Then blindspot before turning. then done (as in u need to look right but that is for you to ride that direction la not so much of "checking"
  15. wow i don't remb got so many checks...if turning usually check both side traffic left right..then just before turn check blindspot and continue - in sch At traffic light going straight? just check left and right then proceed to go straight no meh? I agree sch abit too much checking..some blindspot i just feel v unnecessary i got more impt things to check...
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