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  1. Iszaki, so many of your bike around how he know is u??! hahahaa congrats @icaruse is normal till now i also feel I pass with luck only, if i go take another time maybe will fail LOL welcome to the real world riding with ******* driver, stay safe!
  2. I wouldn't recommend any CB190 models although they came up with a few variation some quite nice looking but the bike engine and everything from China. They are China Honda..not honda honda.... And when i went bike shopping a lot of the mechanic were like shaking their head and were against me buying it. Ask to consider get other bike like R15 etc... I am more into street bike so i would say can consider CB150R (I am riding this) and XSR155 (but ya no used one just release). If not R15 is good if u are into sport bike.
  3. This is not true for me. The day of TP i feel actually my instructors are stricter. They caught me on many minor stuff that adds up but not so for Tester. Anyway still see heng sway that day what tester u get la.
  4. can one hang in there. maybe just rest 1 week then go practice. Since now u know what step they want just run it through ur head 1st then when practice try it out. Other than this what other points u getting? This turning cannot be take up all ur 18 points ma?
  5. what your sch like more check eh? I am pretty sure my sch teach Check traffic 1st (left right) then Check back. Then blindspot before turning. then done (as in u need to look right but that is for you to ride that direction la not so much of "checking"
  6. wow i don't remb got so many checks...if turning usually check both side traffic left right..then just before turn check blindspot and continue - in sch At traffic light going straight? just check left and right then proceed to go straight no meh? I agree sch abit too much checking..some blindspot i just feel v unnecessary i got more impt things to check...
  7. check traffic as in when u at traffic light then check left check right? I remb instructor told me before got one TP a lot students got points for that - for not checking in the circuit.so make sure just wayang turn ur head b4 u go...actually is a good practice la..i do that even when i am riding outside now...u never know which idiot beat red light? Also remb to check minor road when u passing by circuit and outside...if not might get points also
  8. i took 3 time to pass i think generally alot pple take 3-5times to pass. Sometimes heng sway u get stricter instructor..sometimes heng way u urself that day not performing. Lol my 1st and 2nd try also totally different mistake. i just keep try to rectify whatever they point out lo.
  9. Wobble max can give u 3x thus 12points or is it 6points..where else u getting points? changing lane - what issue? if i remb correctly only need to change lane at one junction after crank course. Did u change in the junction? or u swing in when changing lane? Wobble very hard to say cause I feel I never wobble i also kana..so I try to focus on other areas where u know u can improve. but generally they mark wobble means they feel you still not smooth with the bike. Usually i will also clarify with instructor see what they want me to change?
  10. 2week+ quite fast already leh...last time pple wait 1-2months. I did lesson 7 at 1pm...I should mention i passed lesson 7 on 14th Dec not Jan. My TP long over 2nd Jan.
  11. no la very fast one...i passed my lesson 7 on 14th and could have booked TP on 26th but because I didn't complete my theory (5-7) so I only manage to book TP on 02/01 after completing my theory on 17/18th.... which is in fact also not very far away.
  12. Vixy - think u call in ask faster. Logically I suppose you can but I thought the option to pay for lesson 5-7 only appears after passing circuit test (practical lesson 4)
  13. Blindspot easiest to fix. At least you got your technique there! jia u
  14. Chey means you lane splitting la. What u v garang... I only lane split for a very very short while when in JB to get to the correct lane. Other than that in expressway JAM i still just wait behind cars LOL. What your work place worst than me...clap for you. Joyride is no stress ride at night anyhow go no jam no erp hehe
  15. U turn no matter where u are is check back left. But if you are the 1st person after inch out waiting to turn, just check back left no need to do blindspot check. This only applies to the 1st person. no sure kana points I think is 4 points unless no one caught your mistake. If you need to right leg down because you stop in incorrect gear should be 4 points not immediate failure if im not wrong. Just kick hard many times make sure it's in gear 1. no other way.
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