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  1. Updated Peninsular Excelsior; No longer $1 or maybe its either $1/hr or $2/entry. I paid $2 for 1.5hrs - couldn't find parking rate board. -------------------- *SCAPE Co. Ltd -- 2 Orchard Link, 237978 -- $1.50/hr *SCAPE Youth Park -- 113 Somerset Road, 238165 -- $0.65 100 AM (Formerly Amara Shopping Centre) -- 100 Tras Street, 079027 -- $2.00/ half hour 112 Katong (Formerly Katong Mall) -- 112 East Coast Road, 428802 -- OOB 1A International Business Park -- 1A International Business Park, 609933 -- $1.00/entry 28 Ayer Rajah Crescent -- 28 Ayer Rajah Crescent, 139959 -- $0.65/entry. S
  2. Hi all, My first post, even though I've been a leech using this forum for years (unregistered) getting info on free parking. Thanks to every one's contribution so far. I would like to ask the admin if its possible to specify for the FOC carpark whether its to "Keep Left" or "Gantry". The reason I'm asking is that I'm riding a bike with sidecar and my greatest challenge is parking. some places we list as FOC, basically it means you have to keep left and squeeze through the gantry. And the gantry does not open for you and there are 2 possibilities when this happens: 1) Get shooed aw
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