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  1. Bros i have a question. Will a Stock revo 5 pipe fit in a spec 3 bike? TIA bros!
  2. Bros i have a question. Will a stock revo 5 pipe fit a spec 3? thanks in advance bros!
  3. thanks bro! will definitely try this one. hopefully this will solve the problem. thanks again bro very helpful!
  4. thanks for the reply bro. thermostat is fine tested it out and it turns on in heat. will try checking the coolant pump impeller blades, the mechanic that checked the bike said that alot of rust was found after cleaning the radiator. also the temperature light turns off once i start running but starts blinking in very low speed or while stopping.
  5. Bros need help on my cb400 spec 3. i have drained and change the coolant on my bike but temperature light still turns on in traffic. Fan is still working and not sure if its coolant leak but have checked the reservoir but still in right spot.
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