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  1. bro are u still selling ur no. plate aw6824s?

  2. hi bro are u still selling ur plate AZ1413L? sms me @ 81119916. Thanks

  3. Hello Fellow Forumers, Does anyone know if there is any good and reliable workshop in Yishun Industrial Park? My bike is leaking petrol after I've done some modifications. Now can't start the bike as there's no more petrol. Thanks!! Cheers, Fameasser
  4. Hi, my workshop recommend ah koon for spray painting as well but he doesnt have the address and tel no. Do u happen to know bro?? Thanks a lot! Cheers
  5. ya. anyone know where is the ah pek shop that used to be opp. Regina? Or any other shops where there are old parts to be found? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi,does anyone know whether a CB100 tank and CB100 seat can fit onto a CG110 or CG125? Thanks
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