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  1. Thanks for the reply bro. I think i will call LTA. Left 5 years COE, so definitely will choose to scrap. But the toll cost is damn expensive. Was quoted RM1000 which seems to be the market price, similar to the links you had suggested. Very shag, but hopefully LTA can provide some other alternatives. Hopefully that engine plan works haha.
  2. First post here and asking for help already My story starts with me deciding to ride up north to Cameron Highlands on a whim with my old (but i thought trusty also) Honda CBR150R. Prior to this trip the furthest I had been was to Malacca, and faced zero problems. But the Honda God wasn't so kind to me this time. My bike's piston got jammed on the highway near Port Dickson and I had to tow it to town. The motorcycle shop took apart the engine and quoted me RM1500 for the repair works. Honda CBR150R parts are very difficult to find in Malaysia. Other than RM1500 being quite a lot of m
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