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  1. It is pretty bright. Definitely brighter than the stock for sure. It has 36 or 48 LEDs pointing 360degrees. Would strongly recommend using it if not for my bike's ABS issue.....
  2. Lets org a trip up north to chill and talk abt bikes? Who will be interested in a pair of LED brake lights? Selling cheap. Bought it from this link. Unable to use it due to ABS power intake on my bike. @@ http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/213488-lt-CMO-gt-M400-Super-Duper-LED-Lights-For-Bikes-and-CARS 360degrees 2-tone Brightness Brake Light Available as 1156 / 3157 Connection - Can also be installed in certain car models, eg Hyundai, Kia, Latio and Vios etc - Self-installation (DIY) / Cash & Carry PM if interested. GSR has no problem using it at all.
  3. Hi I am interested in getting a GSR 400 for my class 2A. Whats the price range u guys buy the bike at and at where? Sorry for being a noob but what the diff in the 400cc and the 600cc GSR besides the power and torque?
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