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  1. Hey bro dun mind ah how u guys usually check if your cbr400 the patrol gona finish? I mean the bike dun have fuel meter wat rite...

  2. upz for ridhzam..............tks a lot
  3. yazid, u ride at high speed is it? i normal riding abt 110 km/h is abt 270 den hit reserve..
  4. at the left side of the meter, u go check, there is these wire...i think 3 ba..if not wrong been cut off or not..that is the restrictor..
  5. heard cbr is one of the top 50 rated best for concerning...
  6. R model also can take away the speed limitor one...
  7. yeah..R model better..cause newer..
  8. might be ur tuning? i guess get ur mech to check better..
  9. hmm been using for 2 years plus le..the petrol dun give any problem and is good..
  10. lol//ya was me...very jam that night...heee..
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