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  1. Selling used Kappa 58Litre (title incorrect, not 48L) top box comes with universal Givi Baseplate, pillion backrest and 2 keys. Fits 2 full-face helmets easily. Not for fussy buyers. Have served me well for a few trips to Thailand. Given up long distance touring. Selling cheap so please do not bargain. All for $150 only. Please note that one small bolt is missing for the baseplate, easily found in hardware or bike shop. Sms or watsapp 9666 7650 for pictures and immediate deal. No time to edit pics to fit requirements here so watsapp for pics. Thank you.
  2. Hi anyone know where I can find one? Going to sell off my Magna. Planning to ride up north free & easy. Thanks. QUOTE=AAMEN;8408294]I bought a pc 6 month ago , send to HKL mech (Singapore ah beng)did a good job for me , than went for a long two weeks trip to Malaysia and Thailand .I was alone . easy to handle, enough speed to get around,some of the days I did 3 to 400 km not a problem .
  3. Which horn u recommend for my Shadow 400? Keen on one. Tks. N price too?
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