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  1. Just passed my 1 yr mark today Thinking of gg for 2A. Anyone in the process now, as of Aug 2021 (P2HA). Can share what is the situation now in learning center (especially SSDC) Is it very hard to book for classes or the wait is very long ?
  2. Blame COVID (or China if you prefer). COE shot up to 6K+ after lockdown. (from 4k before lockdown). Next 3 months COE going to cut...i dun think it will go down.
  3. Which driving centre ? Comfort closed until 29th jul... https://sg.news.yahoo.com/comfort-del-gro-driving-centre-ubi-kovan-tampines-closed-122351397.html Driving instructors go ktv ????? Hahaha....
  4. https://www.8world.com/singapore/coe-quota-1526981?fbclid=IwAR1Fzd1Ww82tkLQV3pwUBNht0X1egdrNCRQpMQPYkn4Fgo7sUxTijB611zU 货车与巴士组以及摩托车组的拥车证配额也减少,分别达到230张和889张。 According to Chinese news, motorcycle COE for the next 3 months will be reduced to 889.
  5. I dun think u can put a pplate on a 2A bike. Find a reputable shop n get a 2nd bike if dunno how to check. Safety is most important. I got no experience so i bought a new 1... Dun lane split w moving traffic. Lane split only on stop traffic. After move off, go back to middle of lane. Stop traffic the worst can happen is hit other car side mirror.
  6. Hi, care to share what happened with the jaywalkers ?
  7. Mine is sompo now. I think they dun deal direct. Should be thr agents/dealers.
  8. I am P-plate now but gg to end soon. Looking to buy insurance for my scooter for 2nd year onward. But some insurance companies like Budget direct & Direct Asia dun insure rider only after 2nd year onward... So left FWD, NTUC & who else ?
  9. Thank you for the info... Hmmm....need to be more high tech. Use bluetooth to turn on/off...
  10. Is it legal to install/paste those led/neon lights under/side of the bike ?
  11. 26 for 1st attempt very good liao lar....u should be able to pass during next lesson, if not 3rd time.... uncle me is 40 something one.
  12. if i remembered correctly u need to pay for SSDC
  13. Dun give up. I think i passed only on my 6th attempt. Keep on gg for CR. I go for an average of 2 CR before 1 lesson 4. Each CR i repeat and repeat and repeat the weak points.
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