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  1. SSDC & BBDC circuit got difference ? I mean the items to be tested are still the same ma....
  2. I think should be this type. Sometimes on the road, can see alot of black lines... https://www.mes-insights.com/how-do-red-light-cameras-work-a-917096/
  3. The next test date for SSDC is 28 Jan....
  4. That was before lockdown....now very hard to get slot... Hopefully now phase 3 will be better.
  5. It will be a new topic soon : ssdc 2021
  6. My aerox also can... It is the rider cannot...
  7. Thank you for the advice. When u guys mention lock... What type of locks specifically ? I did a google & there's those very heavy metal chain lock, disc brake lock, handle bar + brake lock...
  8. Wow.... I thought JPO should be quite safe...it is an open space area....still need bike lock ?
  9. Yes. JPO for a start....never ride to the north b4....still "virgin"
  10. Wow .... i didn't know the waiting queue for slot is so long now .... imagine every lesson u need 2 weeks to get the next slot. It is not every lesson u can clear at 1 go & will need to repeat.
  11. Maybe he referring to SSDC ???
  12. This is what majority of the people do.
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