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  1. Intention is good but execution sucks.
  2. i am already braking w 2 fingers only ...7 mths after getting my 2B....
  3. Totally agreed.... Not checking blind spots on the road is life and death....not about points anymore....
  4. Can i check : u sold when the coe price is high. i asked the shop if high coe will affect the resell value, compared to a bike w low coe....he said it does not matter... Why huh ?
  5. 2016 coe is 6501 ? i got mine after CB at 6510...at that time i was quite reluctant to pay for this price as i was thinking price will drop eventually... but seems like i was wrong...still hovering ard 7.5K (as of now) ....
  6. Stupid and no logic ruling. For point 3 where can confirm ?
  7. just that no need to put the triangle right ? Does that mean Class 3/4/5 also affected ? If bike license kana > 12 points, then car license also kan tong ? If yes, like that very dangerous leh....
  8. So if get class 2A, the points will still be remain at 12 points for another 1 year ?
  9. Pls correct me if i am wrong. New to this also as i just purchased new bike. The gov should change the bidding rule. Only individual singpass login to bid, not thr seller. The coe is 7k now is because the shops have backlog n they r the 1 pushing the coe up. Correct ? Or i am wrong ?
  10. "the riders weighted about 80kg without any additional baggage" this is funny.....
  11. Will keep in handy 1st.... Wait till vaccinated or pandemic over then can go.
  12. No need shy .... i uncle then learn motorcycle....also fall off bike many times ....
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