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  1. Should I? At first I tot bike may be super convenient for travelling to work but I'm so busy and stressed now to take class 2b.
  2. At the stage where I'm failing my prac it could take me up to 7 months haha. I'm not a quick learner as well and I also find the the prac at BBDC is more of a test and less of learning. Currently failing 1.02 twice makes me wanna give up ALR LOL. Bro u working alr then budget no problem?? How is it possible to take up to 2 slots per day. Also can advice when is there lesser people?
  3. Hi all I registered for class 2b on impulse and did not really realised that I'm left with 6 more months after poly then going for NS. Should I just give up now and continue taking class 2b after NS? I'm also afraid that I dont have time to go for prac during my studies. Also, the prac slot is it more available during school terms?
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