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  1. If the engine pulls better when fully Dafont Showbox Adam4adam warmed up but still not great between 5k-7k, try raising the needle to richen 5k-7k. If the engine pulls equally well between 5k-7k when cooler as compared to fully warmed up, the needle height is probably properly set. Do not pay too much attention to the lowend richness when you are changing needle clip positions - you still need to be using the clip position that produces the best full throttle
  2. A tankslapper is a rapid, high intensity and unwanted motion of the handlebars back and forth. Literally it is slapping of the bars from side to side that can get violent enough that it seems like they will actually hit the tank of the motorcycle, hence the name ‘tankslapper’. The bad news is they are scary as hell and can cause some pretty nasty crashes. The good news is that there are some very effective techniques you can use to handle them.
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