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  1. I posted yesterday but it seems like they haven't approved it yet so I'll give this a try here. Do you guys know where I can get custom filtered motorcycle earplugs like ? I actually own a pair of Big Ear but I forgot to bring them here in Singapore. I'll be living in here for 6 months so please help me out with this.
  2. Gloves doesn't work for me too. I just can't feel the throttle.
  3. Better check the Sena Momentum https://www.sena.com/product/momentum-inc-pro
  4. The Sena Momentum is something to have a look at https://www.sena.com/product/momentum-inc-pro
  5. You can get it repaired by a professional if it's not cracked. Others get it restored to it's mint condition and have it as an ornament in the garage. And of course, you can dump it in the trash bin.
  6. I actually don't like a having a box. I use a waterproof backpack with a hard shell. I think that would be helpful too in an accident.
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