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  1. Anyone enrolling 2A? Cant wait, and im counting down the days!
  2. nice, which bike you planning to get?
  3. Congrats! Ride safe and see you around aha
  4. Man, congrats! wad bike did u get. That was fast. Im a noobie rider too using bajaj pulsar ns 200. u can fist bump me if u catch me outside. The real test now, is to stay Alive.
  5. Wana share us the part of the lesson that is most challenging? then we could share our experience? Im a noobie rider too. The challenge to me was controlling the bike to wad i wana do? and we keep changing bike so need to change accordingly. My instructors at ssdc were generaly nice but need to take a pinch of salt to their comments. Coz some instructors have different opinions but the bottomline, they want us to be safe. Then for regimental ones are those like check back, check mirrors, check blindspot, check oncoming vehicles. I think, this habbit has to be drilled. I keep practicing t
  6. hang in there buddy. you can do it and see you soon, on the road!
  7. the turning rite pocket also need be careful, coz sometimes the sensor don detect. Then the green light arrow wont come out, kena before. Instructor told me to just proceed since im alr in the pocket. Lucky, the oncoming car didn move. If we did all those checks x2, i think just check with ur eyes lo! haha, if not by the time the light changed alr
  8. its okie, actually there will be so many new mistakes. go for 1 more practice, and fixed the previous mistakes. TP will be as strict or stricter, this is the best time to iron out all those silly mistakes like blindspot, check back, filter lane, abrupt lane change the neverending list. Since, you already gotten this far. Its just a matter of time and you will be riding out soon!
  9. hi, im looking for rack and box(E43) for bajaj pulsar ns200
  10. waa bro, 26 ppts really close! It means u are there already. i accumulated more than 40pts for my first prac7 and more than 30 pts with immmediate failure for my 2nd. Could actually smell ur tp by the end of the mth soon. You will get there!! Treasure this time bro, coz the next there wont be any more guidance ahaz.
  11. wut2 lane split?? Dats illegal aha! Aha, yeah. The safety distance is important. But we also have to execute the plank technique! =). Expressway during peak hour is real tough, honestly I dont mind more practice. For my travel to work, tampines to pioneer,I could not escape the jam. It is scary. Planking between lane 2 and 3 is no go coz of lorry and trailer. Better option is lane 1 and 2, but theres taxi and fast drivers who wanted to switch to lane 1. Not a joy ride actually. I usually left my laptop to work, so one day when have enough time. I'll share my long but overdue story of my
  12. For u turn, yup need to check back left. After inch forward, check back left, then check blind sport right before u throttle for u turn(move off). before u reach the junction, just kick down to first gear. 5x should be more than enough. The TP confirm check u turn, so no worries. Once u step down ur right leg for Neutral during the test(except e brake), its already game over. No worries, you will get it right.
  13. Aha about the EFT, you and the nuber 8 didn wan filter in so I just VrooooMMMz full throttle! Anyways, i accidentally clipped a car mirror at the red light junction. Apologised to the driver and adjusted the mirror back but he didn ask for my particulars so I rode off when traffic is green. But then he still followed me to the next junction, when i look at him he took his phone and snap a pic. Sigh.. Definetly gona get some love letter from insurance company. Dats 1st day of riding to work. But i love the bike! its bigger and more stable than the school cb190r(great bike). Will need s
  14. hey!!! haha, i was number 9. not sure if u could still remember me but we definetely rode together haha!! I finally managed to get a dealer from carousell for bajaj pulsar ns200! Will be collecting the bike tonite, i cant wait. FELT the same like waiting for the result haha. Hows CB150R. The retro looking bike looks cool. How is it compare to the sch one? The bike im getting feels heavy but stable, i like the posture of it.
  15. hey man, im about the same age as you. so are we the same batch that ride out first on that day?? haha, couldn believe that they cleared the first batch after long suspense. did u get a bike alr?
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