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  1. where do you wash your bikes these days?
  2. Thanks! It is GP Motoring on macPherson road. Everything seems alright so far…
  3. Hi KS, I just took my bike from the shop last week, but now I found its clutch has a weird noise and the fuel consumption is higher than online comments. Is it still covered by lemon law? Can i go back and ask the shop to fix for me? I can accept pay some cost...
  4. I think part of the reason is wuyang has stopped making this version of CB190R, upgraded it to comply with China emission standard iv, and upgraded it with gear indicator and front wheel ABS. And CB190SS looks way better than it...
  5. guys I just bought one second hand CB190R from a shop. but it kind of have a weird sound, like a high pitch friction noise when I release the clutch. it is something I should leave it? or I should ask the shop to fix it, as it is still within the first month.
  6. from what i see now it is ok... havent seen any ******* driver yet
  7. thanks, never good around the big lorries. I cant squeeze yet, other cars are fast enough for me.
  8. hahahahaha, thanks! i have taken is test for a while, on the bike part is new to me though...
  9. It helped, the key is as you said to make sure the bike is falling towards left. dont do hard break and put down left foot early also help. when i say how to dont know how to ride, i meant i dont know how to ride to pass the test, even today I rode my bike home from the shop, i still think i got lucky passing the test.
  10. just passed 2b with 18 points Glad I can move on
  11. hard pass on the racer... I saw a lot of cb150r last week at a bike shop, but only a few of cb190r. what is wrong with the engine?
  12. how old is she? i will call police if you date a minor:sweat:
  13. my record is 5 attempts for 2 different subjects. hope you feel better now:weep:
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