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  1. @Pisces44 Might be the bike fault. Because yesterday i realise after doing both RC and prac 4. Both bikes I used have different throttle power. I sway on my prac 4 as the bike was noisy during 1st gear acceleration compared to the bike i used during RC. It feels like it needed more throttle to move like as if im on the slope. I got points for wobble when moving and bad acceleration sigh
  2. Congrats to those who got their license! Just wondering whats the estimate waiting time for tp test? Some people i asked said the average time around 1.5 months. Is that true?
  3. As they said, failure will lead to success eventually. Since you're at lesson 7, its inevitable of you getting 2b license very soon:D Anw any tips to move up slope in prac 2? Isit ok to just throttle more? I feel its more hassle than the plank and pylon slalom
  4. Thanks man. Still got 3 more pracs to 4 tho
  5. Hi. Just wanna find out for defensive theory lessons(theory lesson5-7), do you have to pay at the counter? From online i couldn't find the option to pay for it
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