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  1. Ive been riding cb190ss since feb and i must say it is true, its underpowered but fuel efficiency is very good, 1 bar for abt 42km to 45km depend on rider ah? I used for work pyrpose 32km per journer next fuel top up is 1 week plus later.. tank is big 15l.. but thebike is qquite heavy
  2. Im a p plate rider. Recently i beat a red light in a sch zone and there was a camera flash.. will my license be revoke? I was lost and due to my carelessness i didnt see the red light. Im guilty and ashamed of wat i did..
  3. Im facing a similar situation in a sch zone.. im also a p plate rider will my license be revoked? Im guilty of wat i did as i was lost..and im truly ashamed of it..
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