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  1. You have thought the matter thru well. Look around there are other 300s out there. Honda IS the brand for quality, no question; just look at the Helix, the Elite, from the '70 & 80's, still going strong, like my 98 Helix. Kymco is new in America, and actually trying hard to make a dent in the scooter market.Overall they seem a good buy- BUT- parts and service where you will ride most, is important. For your riding, I would not go higher in cc's. I have a Burgman 400 & a 250 Helix; the Helix is used for in town errands. My thought; wake up the internet, and do some further checking of m
  2. Depends mate, is it well maintained and in otherwise good order - always had the servicing done on time (not just oil - proper servicing) and what are the bad bits (cosmetics you would presume but what Tutuapp 9apps Showbox else).
  3. SYM (Taiwanese) has better quality than Lance (Chinese). snaptube telegram web I know it is basically the same company, though. Quality wise, I'd put the SYM bikes in the same category as the Genuines, Hondas, Yamahas, Kymcos, etc.
  4. I already have my A7X ticket but I just used up my vouchers for shows that I was on the fence about. Sarkari Result Pnr Status Thanks for reminding me about this!
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