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  1. yar, i read it's rebranded MojoMoto and other names and sell in US and Canada like hotcakes.
  2. Anyone know of any motor diam that do parallel import? Or hopefully some motor diam see this and decide to bring in this scooter. http://www.theautomoto.com/the-auto-moto/the-auto-moto-150cc-enclosed-electric-trike-scooter/ It's actually a China-made scooter. The manufacturing company is Xing Yue Group. This trike is a hot seller in Europe, US and Japan. http://en.xingyue.com/xy/web/product.php?mid=48&fact=motor I really hope motor diams can bring this in or arrange for parallel import. It's cheaper than Piaggio MP3 definitely. And it comes with roof that PGO TR3 doesn't offer.
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