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  1. Yalor after an early boost of getting Cabeye... its slowed down now... Sell Carroll for freaking millions... and the latest... we are looking for championship striker Shane long... Well he still young.. might be a good buy.. but we need to make full use of that Carroll sales a get a striker that capable of wearing the number 9!... worse we are link with every player that is on free transfer...
  2. NUFC.sg jersey mass order is now on... Check it out http://www.nufcsg.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=general&thread=4340&page=1 Time to purchase the new home jersrey
  3. helo bro khai ,wanna getting v strom but dunno whish one 650 or 1k , get some 1k forum selling k2 model

    dunno gud or not , 650 no ppls selling, loois selling 20k 650 model ,wat do u think bro?? hope can join u all v strom riders.

  4. Mine the gauge always drop one bar down eventhough I just fill up... I was concern initially but now just heck care bout it...hehe... Eh Tankee... i still have not fix my windshield adjustor...totally have no idea how to fix sia? got any manual diagram?
  5. Woo been away from this forum... Anyway guys CNY im joining a grp of other bikers to Teluk Chempedak(Pahang) and Pasir Mas(Kelantan) Those interested to Tag along with me can sms or PM me... Tonight Top up at 2nd link 10pm Cashcard Booth Tuas... msg me if u keen to join... Cheers!
  6. Bro e21 cant fit any helmets liao...

  7. bro,the e21 can fit what type of helmet?

    i want to fit in my rxk.

  8. Sori its been a while since i log in (just got married)..Actually im a friend of Dajal666 aka azhar..my kampung boy last time..heard he had an accident..if u manage to catch up with him,could be kind enough to ask him to call me..aris

  9. Wah that is 4 years of riding a wee...u should be more experience in it...do pm me if wanna hang out and ride together...

  10. yup,bought it in 2005..no wee buddies yet..haha

  11. Hi, Mine is actually a Vee...well im still new to this bike...but currently service at MAH...check this LINK...u can find out more here...U riding wee?

  12. Hi,bro..Where do u service ur wee??Btw where to get the exhaust gaurd??

  13. Mane nampak ek? motor z da lama jual... :)

  14. bro. ur rxz lawar arhh!! tak bleh angkat!! =) thumb ups.

  15. hi thanks for ur offer may i have ur no. to talk abt it coz is hard to take online

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