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  1. Sorry I don't mean ride from Singapore. Planning to rent a bike there and ride across Thailand.
  2. I am currently travelling alone but open to anyone joining. Between 11-14 July. First time on road trip.
  3. Hi guys, I am heading to bangkok in July. Thinking of going for bike trip across bangkok but i am not familiar with thailand. Is it safe and what do i have to look out for? Appreciate any advice pls.
  4. Hi all, noob biker here. I notice that not all shopping malls/hotels allow motorcycle parking. I used to refer to a wiki page where there was a list of available parking but it was taken down. Where do you all find available motorcycle parking when travelling around? TIA
  5. Not sure what you mean but perhaps you want to adjust the front brake nearer to throttle so you dont need to stretch your hand when applying front brake.
  6. Hi all, I have been riding 2B bikes (Bajaj Pulsar) for more than 1 yr and have been very comfortable with my bike. I recently started Class 2A at SSDC and is having difficulty balancing. The bike is so much bigger that my centre of gravity has changed. I lost my balance a few times when negotiating at crank course or doing u-turns. I also realised that the front brake is very strong, that my bike will jerk even when depressing slightly. I often had to rely on rear brake for reducing speed. Is anyone having the same problem with me? Just completed Lesson 2. waiting for lesson 3.
  7. Anyone know any workshop in the east that opens on sunday?
  8. nvr get caught so far but many sellers do not have psb stick on new helmets. Besides, it may cost more if you get one with psb sticker.
  9. hi bro, care to share review for your Bajaj Pulsar 180 dtsi??
  10. Hi all, i am planning to buy a 2nd hand bike and have seen many listings but i am very worried whether it is safe to get it. I just got my licence and am afraid i get into accident if i purchase a bike that is faulty. I seek the seniors' help to give some tips on buying a 2nd hand bike and what to loook out for. I also have some questions regarding 2nd hand bikes: 1) There are some listings have bikes that are at least more than 15 years old with very low mileage (e.g. 40k), how can the mileage be so low? Does it mean that the engine is a new one? how much mileage vs years is too much? 2
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