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  1. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/503428-WTS-Super-4-Spec-1-(White)-with-GPR-exhaust?p=8450066&highlight=#post8450066 Whatsapp me 91478879 Full cash and deal asap. Priority given to full cash n can deal asap. Also highest bidder if got more grabber
  2. No space for barang barang Used to ride hayabusa and had travelled up Kosamui with pillow. no space put things.. sianz..
  3. Below 5999 anyone interested? open for neg.. just changed Z6 front & back tyres
  4. Anyone interested? thinking to sell at $15656 or $8156 or $5656
  5. what do you have to trade? may consider, looking for touring bike or just sell off.
  6. Drop me a text for viewing and ride off with your price
  7. For sales, interested. Whatsapp 91478879 Super 4 Spec 1 (White) with GPR exhaust & Box (Whatsapp me for Photo) Very smooth exhaust and running condition First Registration Date: 21 Feb 2001 COE Expiry Date: 31 Jan 2021 Letting go below $5000 from $6200 Viewing: Bukit Panjang. Reason letting go: Owns a car
  8. call me at 91478879

  9. Yuan, tonight u going for e meetup?

  10. Hi I am interested in looking at your bike, how do I contact you?

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