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  1. Problem solved, when my pickup sensor heats up it dies off causing the engine to cut.
  2. My Grandfather story : Currently my KTM RC 200 has a engine cut off problem when i'm riding halfway and engine check light flashes. The engines die off when the temperature is about 90 degrees + - , while the speedo and lights doesn't die on me when it happens and i can't start the engine until the engine cools down for like 10-15mins . My first thought was that my cooling system must be faulty that's why my engine is cutting off when it's overheated. After replacing my water seal,temperature sensor and coolant after a flush i thought it should solved the problem.(My radiator fan was working fine during diagnose, the fan switches on during 96 degrees and switches off when it reaches back to 90) After changing them i started riding back home from the workshop thinking the problem was solved, only for my engine to die off while riding again after 15-30mins usage. Frustrated i went back and the mechanics told me they needed to diagnose why it was happening. 2 days later they told me they solved the problem swapped out my relays,termination unit,start relay.While riding back home again from the workshop, the engine cut off again and i returned back to the workshop and told them it wasn't solved after which they swap my ECU suspecting it was faulty to a spare one for me to monitor on the road only for it to cut off again after 15-30 mins of usage. Side Note : Mechanics couldn't replicate the error in their workshop after swapping components, they could only let the bike idle in neutral to allow the temperature to build up to check if the cooling system is working or ride within their compounds at maximum speed of 40km/h. Thus believing it was solved after this tests. But in my case when i'm riding on the road, i was travelling speeds only up to 95-100 Km/h max to monitor this issue. My next plan of attack is maybe try swapping out my fuel pump, flush out my fuel lines and check fuel injector if its functioning right. I suspect it could be a overheated fuel pump due to stop and go traffic causing it to overheat and not function when it's too hot. As my engine never once goes into the red zone once before the engines cuts off. Due to suspected overheated faulty fuel pump i couldn't start the engine after the engine dies due to high temp and could only wait for it to cool down before starting. Symptoms of my bike : Engine has no weird piston sounds or I can't differentiate who knows? , able to ride for 15-30mins before the engine dies on me and only able to start after bike cools off for 10-15mins. Speedo displays normal operating temperature of 90-96 degrees and engine check lights pops up whenever my engine cuts off. Things Already Done To Fix This Issue: New things : Water Seal replacement , Coolant and engine oil flushed and replaced , New Temp sensor , Checked for chaffed live wire that could be a possibility but no chaffed found , ECU swapped , ignition relay , termination unit , starter relay , Side Stand Down Functional check done. I need a 2nd opinion as my problem isn't being solved does anyone have the same problem as me?
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