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  1. but u still can ask the instructor if u haf questions. many questions, 1 time tp. i asked a lot questions until 2 instructors know me already. haha...then i noted down. my frequencies for 2a is everything lesson 1 time self rev 3 times. 2 times for lesson 3 1 time or tp. tp 1 time.
  2. self rev should be cheaper cos u are on your own pract. take at least 1 to 2. practise on your weaker station. e.g. plank, slalom or bumpy. the rest just go thru is enough. choose the self revision closest to your tp date.
  3. lesson 3 is as good as tp. goodluck.
  4. so have u clear your lesson 3? when is your tp?
  5. if i were u,i would take at ssdc cos since u took your 2b there, u are familiar with the circuit. The test is in the circuit only. different between 2b & 2a is additional bumpy cos 6sec. plank timing 8sec. ebrake speed 40-45km/h
  6. from ssdc to bbdc? are u upgrading to 2A? if u chose cdc mayb i can help u.
  7. don bother abt ssdc or bbdc if u are taking at cdc. don worry bro. u got 1 year. if u clear every lesson on 1 attempt, u only need to go cdc less than 10 times. that's include circuit rev. i got my 2A feb 2020. i go to cdc less than 10 times. 3 lessons + 3CR + 1 TP. From enrol to TP, 4 months
  8. there are abt 8-10 2A bikes n 5 2bikes in cdc. it's maybe better chance than 2b to book the lessons.
  9. 3 lessons. 3rd lesson is evaluation. 1TP. everything same as 2B except there is bumpy cos(timing required) all test inside circuit. test route for 2A in circuit slight different from 2B. different between 2A & 2 is 2 need to push the dummy bike in fig 8 form. timing also different.
  10. congrats for passing your btt & gd luck to your L5
  11. to become a 2B rider u must be able to handle bikes dat are up to 200CC. if u cannot handle 2B bike, how u want to handle a 2A bike if u think of upgrade 1 year later? 2B license is a long n tedious journey. once u mastered the techniques u are there.
  12. lift up the bike a bit in order for your leg to support the tank. turn the handle bar or front wheel towards u. apply handbrake if necessary if your bike is moving forward. slowly push up the bike then put side stand.
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