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  1. If were to be caught... isit on spot or use cctv???

  2. bro, if TP want to catch, they can use any reason. u can lose control or balance if using one hand. Consequences are very serious. what if there is vehicle swayed towards u? Moreover driving centre nvr teach one hand riding bike.
  3. remember what u learnt. do all your safety checks & signaling correctly. be there early. u can try to book for 1 more circuit revision to practise on your weak areas before your TP & ask the instructor anything u still in doubt. on dat day, wait at the counter for the instructor to check your number tag.(white tag). just follow instructions. pay attention to the tester signal on the left opposite u from the start point. do your safety check n look out for traffic before u move off. pay attention to the blinker light at other stations while waiting for your turn. don be influenced by ot
  4. Booking practical is not difficult. Take your time. The difficult parts is clear the obtacles, the capabilties to handle the machine, how well u know your traffic rules n regulations and the determination to get your 2B lic. Some gave up cos they are stucked in a lesson for a long time. Fig8, crank, plank, slalom have timing to meet in order not to collect demerit points. easiest to collect demerit points is blindspots and safety checks. 18 or less demerit points AND no immediate failure to pass.
  5. havent think of that yt. But i don need to worry cos i made notes of what to take note in the circuit when i attempted my 2A last year.
  6. enjoy your 2b journey with cdc. i passed 2A last year at cdc. so i can gif u advise
  7. for new 2b, Probation plate should be displayed directly above or below the the headlamp and directly above or below the rear licence plate those who fail to display Probation plate will be fined. Repeat offenders with at least 2 offences of failing to display the Probation plate during their one year probation period will have their licence revoked. Just wait n see if u receive any letter from TP. Or u can check your status refer to www.police.gov.sg/resources/traffice-matters www.onemotoring.com.sg
  8. not so serious to revoke licence. non display of P plate is more serious than improper display of P plate. perhaps heavier fine. hopefully no deduction of DP
  9. My advice is do not buy bike with fairing. when come to maintenance it's a hassle. the mechanic may charge u extra just becos more work for them. buy bike which spare is easy to find. If u want to mod, find out what mod is approved by LTA. some officers may not pass u when u go for inspection.
  10. actually u know how to ride already. u just need that little bit more confident. Judgement & riding skills are accumulated over long periods of time. for fig 8, throttle a bit then try to maintain the speed tap the footbrake to control the speed. grip the fuel tank as tight as possible. tilt your bike a bit. look into the direction u going. for plank, throttle a bit to get the bike on the plank, then apply the same principle as fig 8. but no need to tilt. look far. DO NOT LOCK your arm so that u can control the handle bar left n right. grip tank tightly. count in yourself the ti
  11. no worries. just apply what u learn. know your traffic rules. u can do it.
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