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  1. I would like to share the techniques to clear the 5 stations in the SSDC circuit. Allow me to start from the beginning. Turn on left signal. Check for traffic and move off. Check right (turn your head right) at the first turn of the circuit shortly after you just move off. 1) Slope Accelerate slightly to go up the slope. (Remember to check right first)May go to 2nd gear if already on the move. Brake and stop on the slope. Press on the foot brake so the bike does not roll backwards. Open the throttle. Release the clutch until the sound of the engine goes down. Check left and releas
  2. Sometimes different instructors teach differently... having gone through everything , I dun like some of the ways they teach which is confusing and don't reach the objective. In this case, the instructor is trying to get u to use rear brake cos in the crank course, the speed is slow. However, cos we are used to using both front and rear brakes, I also tend to apply both even in crank course. So his way of teaching I think is not useful I feel. I remembered one lesson on Level 5 for my Lesson 3 part 1, the instructor , after the E brake portion of the lesson , brought us to the Figure 8 a
  3. I've just went for 2 revision lessons in circuit to get a "feel" of riding the new 190cc bike.
  4. Well done ! thanks i will try my best !
  5. I think it's so that the test date can be further away so that we can have enough time to book lessons for practice... used to be every tuesday and thursday.
  6. Yes. PDL is valid for 2 years. It's separate from the RTT. To take the test, you need to pass the RTT first.
  7. I've re-took RTT once cos it expired after one year and I extended and I've recently retook it again cos expired again. And yes, it's very difficult to book a lesson now after the centre re opened. And I find the latest test date is so close (about a week away only) , it's very hard to find time to go for revision lessons. I guess those who are rushing for time might have taken up all the lessons now. That's why it's so difficult to book for lessons now...
  8. The kiosks are closed and not in use. So you can book at the enquiry counter or thru the SSDC website.
  9. The test dates are now available on its website... but they came out a bit too late for me to prepare... maybe next time.
  10. SSDC announced on its website that validity of all learners courses will be extended by 4 months as a gesture of goodwill.
  11. This is SSDC column, so I think he is learning at SSDC.
  12. Yup ... I recall the first time for my prac 7 , i got quite a few points in circuit over blindspots. Second try i fell off plank, third try, I got quite a few points for my circuit , also got some points on the road. Fourth try, I got 18 points but I made a major mistake during defensive riding portion, Fifth try, I fell off plank again. Sixth try, I went on red light. 7th try, I passed.
  13. Just have to make sure u don't make the same mistakes again. For Prac 7, u have to try to get as little points as possible in the circuit. Make sure you check the blindspots. On the road, the main issue would be U turn. So, if u can get very few points in the circuit, the road should not be a big issue. After taking TP twice, I look back at how I got points on the road during prac 7 , I realise some of the reasons they gave me were for minor things that became very big. I think perhaps when i went for the 7th attempt, they decided to just pass me haha
  14. I am 42. I started Class 2B 2 years ago. I also took many lessons. I took lesson 1 about 5 times , lesson 2 about 6 times, lesson 3 part 1 - 4 times, part 2 - 3 times, lesson 4 - 8 times , lesson 5 - 5 times, lesson 6 - 2 times, lesson 7 - 7 times. It took me about 1 year to finish all the lessons before I could book for TP. However, due to busy work, I was unable to book for TP immediately and I renewed for another half a year. Later on I had to book for revision lessons in case I forget all the techniques ... and I remember when I went back for revision lessons (Road / circuit revision) to p
  15. I read some of the posts here and I totally understand because I also took many lessons and I started about 2 years ago. However I have to say its partly because of work that I was unable to book the test immediately after lessons ended. I have since taken TP 2 times and I'm going for revision lessons to prepare for my next attempt at TP. As the centre might close due to the virus situation, I guess this wait might be a bit longer.... Most importantly, do not give up !
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