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  1. Sorry for the belated response, took me a while to figure out the Forum log-in again.... I am keen to raise up the bars, lower the pegs, and by all means, reprogram/cheat the ECU to give full power in gears 1 &2, the last being the most important. It is FAST on the upper gears, too fast. I exceeded 200 km/hr a few times, I am know that's not wise around here :-( Thanks
  2. Guys: I just bought another "stock" bike and I would like to upgrade the exhaust. What is the procedure to get it LTA "certified" I tried searching around here, but nothing definitive. I imagine it's a pain in the ass to do, but it looks like 50% of the class 2 bikes in Singapore got aftermarket. Thank you!!!
  3. Hi Guys: I just bought a 2011 VFR1200F DCT, has 27k on the odo and seems to be 100% stock. I would love to raise the bars (helibars) and get an exhaust that is not ugly. Of course, with 1.5 years left on the COE, I don't wanna go crazy, but I already know I would buy another DCT bike. Any recommendations on parts/service, etc. greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Curious is anyone still following this thread.... I just picked up a 2011 VFR1200F DCT w/27k km. Looks a bit rough here and there, but runs amazing. Still learning the bike, but I am happy so far. As said, heavy, hot, small tank - but damn that DCT is cool! I have a scooter for the tight hawker centre parking anyway. Would love to find out more about the experiences of long-term owners/riders. Thanks
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