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  1. @Xmaxer Hey man long time no update. Did a coolant flush and using Engine Ice currently , does cool down it quite abit. Now the heat isn't that bad unless its a hot day and lots of traffic. Thanks man!
  2. Hello , My radiator fan does kick in but the engine is still fairly hot. Think the Zontes V310 has a very big design flaw , on the left side gear area there is an exhaust pipe which really feels damn hot till the point i have to move my leg away. Starting to regret my decision on getting the V310.
  3. Hello @Maxer , I just collected my bike last week and it might be me not being used to a higher cc bike. WIll try the coolant you intro. The bike was a bar away from red but it was when i was at the carpark , found out that when i moved the engine cooled down quite abit. haha sorry damn newbie at biking.
  4. Hello , Just wanted to check if there is any Zontes V310 owners here? Just gotten a Zontes V310 and the bike is very hot. Rode for 20mins and the heat indicator is at 5bars. Is it normal or is something wrong? i bough it back to the workshop and the person told me it's normal. Thanks in adv!
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