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  1. u could buy the warehouse. Kallang Pudding Rd is freehold and is cheap to buy. and is old, so en-bloc also good chance. u hav to look long term as well. no point renting. we talking about only under $500K...
  2. Yup would want to get my hands on an oldie BMW...still hoping for the R25 in s'pore. Dont know who has it nw.....
  3. Hi there, Im looking for a classic BMW bike to buy. The BMW has to be a 70s or early 80s model. Any cond would do. If anyone sellin do give me a buzz at 97817712. thanx.
  4. Yee (Sunburst) - 91199652
  5. Hi, could include me as well for yr rides. Would love to join u guys......
  6. Thanx buddy, am ridin the bike ard. When u wanna com down see? Its a piece of art rather than a bike. U should com take a look at the paint job. its hand painted in Chicago.
  7. Marco, when we goin to organise a ride? Wan to lay up my Norton. Wait cannot ride then. Organise soon 1 ok.
  8. Bro the number plate fm8 p still available?

  9. Marco pls set the date, time and venue. thanx...Brit bikes will be there...
  10. Saw the bike sometime ago..nice and also rare to own.
  11. bro u looking for BMW which model?

    I buy BMW than trade with u

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