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  1. I still receiving email notifications, if it attracts me i come post,for eg: this post Hahaha
  2. Clocking post for 2018 old friend!

  3. u can run but u cant hide ^^

  4. rainy afternoon guyz, sorry abt the de;ay but some roblems with my com i having delays on the zip upload
  5. cool.....i was thinking of doing that to the singapore drivers who are busy smsing all the time and not moving off....lol
  6. hey guyz the zip file for uploading is too big here, where can i upload it to for ur dling?
  7. was great trip guyz, thanks for being patient with me and all even though i late and draggy doing shopping and all...whats with the bangla joke btw?
  8. hi guyz, there is a trip organise by me and a few friends from the blueflame thread anyone is interested???can call me at 83669661 thanks We are going to Desaru And Kota Tinggi (Cruise Along The New Desaru Highway E22 , Sight-Seeing At Desaru & Swimming At Kota Tinggi) Timing : 0530 hrs Meeting Point : Esso, 50 Woodlands Avenue 1 S(739066) Purpose : Ride,SightSeeing & Swimming Places : Desaru & Kota Tinggi Budget : RM$100 (Inc petrol,bring extra just in case) Attire : Long Pants and Covered Footwear (minimum for safety reasons) **Help for those who never been to Ess
  9. i not sure if the ppl from s4c might be interested....probably i post there also u guyz ok?
  10. at least fall into the sea got mental prep to start swimming better den kissing tarmac?who knows i might get away unhurt hehe
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