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  1. kevin

    FZ1S 2009

    GIVI V35 side panniers, GIVI E52 top pannier, Rifle Tall Screen 28'/19' inches, Side Scoops, Belly Pan, Extended front fender, GenMar Extended handle-bar riser, Motovation heavy bar end, BMW handle-grip, Bagster tank bra, OEM frame slider, Motovation front fork slider, Leo Vince GP Pro, De-Cat, K&N filter, Lars Air-box mob, Cable Re-Routed, Hella Horns, ScotOiler, PC3, ESRM
  2. You are not a new rider on the road, Walao you asked me such question with regards to the exhaust baffle whether is this legal, you should know......


    Sorry i have been working 14 hours a day, i am exhausted, i dont understand why i should give you adivise, WHAT BENEFIT ME? oH LORD.... i dont even know you...


    go google yourself, i am not your personal consultant....


    thank you

  3. thanks for the reply. another thing. i saw ure fazer albums. is the db killer removal and the gutted cat legal? please do advise me on performance wise of the removal.

  4. my top box is GIVI E52 with pillion backrest and rack, side panniers are V35 & with racks, all installed at LAB for $1400

    i pillion my wife every day and buy grocery from NTUC every wekend, my left pannier always with 2 sets of rain coats, 1 set of sandels in case of rain and also chain lubricant. Right side pannier always empty ready for any barang barang. Top box always with 2 full face helmets. I dont like to carry my helmets where ever i go.V35 side pannier can consume my full face Arai and Shoei Multitec easily. I terms of look, V35 is the best.

    Of course you can lane split but definitely it will slow you down, it could be a good thing. These are based on my 21yrs of riding experience & as a biker lifestyle...... not forgetting that after you sell your FZ1 later you still can keep the panniers for your future bike.

    After all i am a very pragmatic person.


  5. hi bro. im riding a fz1s 2007 and i would like to know if you could lane split with the two side panniers? please do advise as im in between getting a top box or a side panniers. How much for side panniers and the top box respectively if you dont mind sharing.

  6. Mine is the tallest screen already at 28 inches $392.38 bought it last Jan 2010

    Cannot change the tilt angle

    You should buy now as the US $ rate is lower

  7. Hello Mr Kevin, wanna check with you, how many inches is that rifle screen of yours? Able to change the tilt angle of the screen?

  8. kevin

    Honda VLX400 1992-1993

    Thank you, amended.
  9. I bought 2x V35 & 1x E52 with back rest from LAB at $1400

  10. Bro. Nice bike you have there. If you don't mind. I would like to know how much and where did you purchase the givi v35 and the rack. Would like to get myself 1. Thanks a million.

  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Fz1-High-Quality-Engine-Spoiler-New-/260814752007?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cb9c54907
  12. very yammy ...look like a Granny Smith Apple.
  13. Well done! All these words sound so familiar, exactly happened to me 20 years ago & i am still enjoying my ride.
  14. My average FC was 14.30 km/l for month of June, with Ivan's map, flies & FCE and with all others basic performance mobs. Previously has been achieving an average of 15.50 km/l, a couple of times even managed 16+km/l All bros that with their owe dyno map + all mobs, is your FC better then mine? cos mine is suck Here is the worst i have got, i dont remember i have done any high speed riding Date 8-Jun-2011 KM 195.30 Litres 15.08 Cost $26.15 Avg Km Per Litre 12.95 Miles 121.28 Gallon 3.98 MPG 30.46
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