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  1. Hi Guys, looking for a C650GT
  2. Dun think too much. Just make sure bike are properly serviced. Just do it.
  3. hahahhaahaha. Too long never do. Weapon rusty liao.
  4. Kaoz! 34 say old. I got my class 2 at 42 ! Just do it.
  5. just gotten my class 2 in end 2015. In between 2A to 2 is 20 years. Never ride for 20 years. First lesson shake alot but from lesson 2 onwards steady liao. One time pass! lesson 1 ( 2x ) lesson 2 (1) lesson 3 ( 1 ) TP ( 1 ). Enjoying my touring now. One advice to you. See read below and guess. Riding is like S#X. You will never forget. Too long never 'Do' and first time not familiar. After that ok liao. hahahhahaa
  6. Its not going to happen. Singapore market too small for the big bike brand to start design n have a production line. They also know one new rules out from ( U know who ). They can kiss their R&D money good bye. Only one word in sin. Buy or cannot afford to own one. U can see cam am brand. New model 3 wheeler over weight and cannot come into Singapore. They dun even bother with Singapore as volume too small
  7. cannot afford liao. With this new ****, expect over 75K to 80K for the new K
  8. Good to hear that you narrow down to this. Have lots of fun and ride safe. Prepared to get poison.. haha
  9. Welcome to the K. Yes its a great bike as I starting to miss my K since changed to a GSA 3 weeks ago. For the GT, you have a smaller windscreen. Change to a GTL screen. bigger and higher. As for the seat, GT are higher. Go for a trim or look for a GTL seats. its helps.
  10. Go for it. I have few bikes now and this K1600GTL is my most trusted ones for long distance touring. Take note on the safety aspect too as BMW did their homework on this K. Saved me 2x due to unfavourable situation on wet roads. During raining days, no need to think which bike to ride as I just trust my K1600 on wet roads condition.
  11. Hi bro, Im been riding a K1600GTL for 9 mths. Great bike as its nimble to handle. I rode before a R1200RT 2015. I would prefer K1600 as the engine are smooth which handles city ride in Singapore well. A RT is a boxer engine and u need higher RPM to change every gear. But on a K1600 i can be at 6th gears at 60km/h and there are no knocking from the engine. I ride to office most of the time as I like the feel of getting onto this bike. Jam at PIE and BKE during peak hrs are normal and this bike i can lane spilt during jams on highway. I would say yes the bike width are bigger ( Mine with pannier
  12. I found a way to shift from 2nd gear to 6th gear without the clunking sound. 1st gear cannot avoid. But difficult to explain. Im riding a 2013 GTL.
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