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  1. Hi everyone, different instructors told me different things. one told me no more check back right, just check right blindspot if you're not the first rider when moving off, and check left/right blindspot before turning/moving off and you're the first rider. another told me if you're not the first rider in line, still need to check back right. only when you become first rider in line then just check left/right bs before moving off. but the consensus i got is no more check back inwards. so now i abit confused. taking TP test on 12 Aug, anyone taking on the same day?
  2. thanks uncle for the encouragement
  3. first attempt at Lesson 7 today, got 26 points kena penalized for wobble and improper blindspot.. during CR and RR no big issues, but come to assessment macam i forgot how to ride. coming to 1 year since i enrolled liao, very sian..
  4. not sure about the year, but as of 01 May 2021 SSDC has changed the CB400F to CB400SF. i think looks super chio leh
  5. I currently in SSDC also. I have a feeling the lesser slots are due to covid, thus a smaller class size. my last lesson on the road about 1 month ago, only 4 students. circuit lessons class size also smaller compared to pre-covid according to my colleague who passed TP before covid hit. I heard that after each lesson before the instructor hands us back our booklets, if u feel that ure gonna repeat that lesson then can straight away book liao. have yet to try it out though
  6. the brakes will be applied all the way, even if the bike has come to complete stop. so you will apply brakes, clutch-in and change to 1st gear, and keep holding the clutch in until the bike stops. not to worry, during your next lesson the instructor will teach yall the techniques of shifting up and down gears and braking. dont be so stressed up
  7. when you flip up the pedal from 1st to 2nd gear, it will be at 2nd gear. dont have to worry that u will go into 3rd gear, unless u flip it upwards one more time. when coming to a stop, brake, clutch-in, and kick down all the way to 1st gear. try to cultivate this habit of being in 1st gear before coming to a complete stop, bcos for future assessments and TP test, failure to change to 1st gear before stopping is 4 demerit points. with more practice u'll get better at clutch and throttle control. just remember: if you throttle and find that the bike isnt moving forward, let go of the clutch a little bit more, instead of throttling more. grip higher meaning?
  8. congrats man! would like to say thank you to everyone's tips. finally managed to clear lesson 3.2, went for 2 RCs and getting ready for circuit assesment. anyone did simulator recently? how is it like?
  9. Yeah thats true.. it took me 4 attempts to clear Lesson 1. 2nd attempt at Lesson 2 today, finally getting more used to the bike, but still failed. biggest problem for me is pylon, somehow cant grasp the technique to navigate between the cones, always end up going too near them.
  10. i think it takes about 2 hours for the system to be updated..
  11. yea same... need to look down also.. for now can only avoid those bikes that I had bad encounter with, or suck thumb and try as much to adapt as possible lor.. anyway bro do you have any more tips for pylon slalom course? went for my prac 2 ytd, slope and plank no problem but my timing for pylon always 6.2sec, 6.3sec. speed to slow but when i tried to throttle abit more, first time i skipped one cone, next i langah cone hahaha. i tried to lean more but perhaps still not enough?
  12. Yea I also find this 190cc too powerful for class 2B learners. Plus quite heavy and the tank quite wide also leh.. Dry-weight already 140kg.. I've seen female learners who didnt manage to chope the MSX125 and had to use this Cb190R, couldnt even pick the bike up after dropping it. everytime mount and dismount the bike I also feel abit unstable (maybe my legs short la hahaha) we did highlight to the instructor that day, but he only brushed the both of us off, saying the problem lies in our legs, we dunno the correct technique of upshifting
  13. The current batch of CB190R also quite bad i think. For 2 lessons in a row, even after I choosing different bikes for both lessons, both bikes had the same problem: 1) gearbox not responsive when up-shifting, can feel the "click" but the gear didnt really engaged. end up I had to kick upwards sibeh hard until my foot had a bruise for a few days. 2) signal lights not working, had to push left/right sibeh hard then signal lights will turn on. One guy from my class also had the same problem with his bike. Very pekcek.... Hopefully when comes to TP test the bikes condition wont be like this.. if not can jiak sai alrdy
  14. Thanks alot! Wah your summary for the circuit sibeh detailed. Yeah i think that day i was just unlucky to kena that instructor. Instead of pointing out our mistakes properly, he was repeatedly giving sarcastic remarks. I think all 4 students under him had to repeat lesson 1
  15. Will take note and try to tilt slightly to the left.. i think i’m still not quite used to the weight yet. Thanks for the tips!
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