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  1. HI anyone, know how to reset the "trip" on the meter on CB190x tourism. Thanks I did not find any button to reset the reading to zero
  2. You can meet me, I also long time never use it, PM me ur HP. Me first time goin out first time with SBF ppl.
  3. Hi there, other then this promotion do you have any other EO that can use? I am using a fully sync oil for many years so i will like to stick with the Full sync oil. 15W50 is the best, do you have any? I am riding S4 versiion II
  4. i have use this bulb now, bought it from LAB. nothing wrong leh. only when inspection i change to orange. But remember, tilt your headlamp a little lower can liao. As the light is super bright.
  5. thanks everyone, i think i need to change the clutch cable and see how.
  6. Yes WD40 spread to the footrest is done before and it does not work at all. Freeplay adjust almost to almost fully. So now my palm is almost wide open to clutch in
  7. i am not so sure as i have change my clutch in oct. so fast worn out?
  8. I have just change my EO mutol full sync. Now is 2k after servicing. why the gear is so hard to kick?
  9. place a super high voltage on the bike. but remember do not touch it when u head towards the bikes.
  10. bro if you find M1, change it. it is good but remember to see the date.. M1 consider quite old model already, M3 replace M1. But i did not use M3 before so no comment on it yet. I am using bt 021 now is quite good in wet and dry weather. i give **** of 5. for M1 i give ****1/2 of 5. bt 021 is for sport touring wearing of is less then M1 or almost the same. Correct me if i am wrong
  11. astrorion


    tighten it first then see how. remember to lube it when it is dry. Same like you know, no lube got pain...haha...
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