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  1. Oh so you're the guy at Racewerks Bukit Merah the other day..
  2. Wah here i also kena. Left, right, centre, up and down. =(
  3. Adam Road Food Centre Makan tonight. Seven-thirty pee-emm. See you there!
  4. haha wth?! oooo sorry to hear that. Get well soon dude! you saw the bike only??? Where could he have gone?
  5. Caaaannnnnn no problem with me..
  6. yeap.. Join us for malacca ride next week. The other 2 were thenation and easy2findme.
  7. so i guess something went wrong?
  8. Hey dude, I have spot your post in Singaporebikes and just wondering if you could help fulfill my dreams as a young entrepenuer. I have a facebook page that caters to Gilera maxi-scooters in Singapore and will really appreciate if you could show your little support to "Like" my page! You could help by increasing the popularity of the scooter scene in Singapore! Here's the site http://www.facebook.com/scooternnarcotics



  9. there's only one spot in this group to be gay.. Randy proudly proclaimed that he's taking that spot a looong time ago...
  10. Don't want lar. Once bitten, twice shy. Anyway my bike seat is only good for one.
  11. yea boy. Fair-skinned SYT. everytime must RTF there.
  12. i suggest: North - Chong Pang Nasi Lemak, Al-Ameen at Toh Tuck, Rubinah's at Sembawang South - Royal Prata; lousy food, Akbar near KTM, KTM itself. Central - SUN prata near Zion Road, Starbucks at Forum, Evans Road prata, Adam road; lots of choices. Arab street; got chicks and more chicks. East - Simpang, Mak's Place at Kembangan, Bedok 85. West - no place interesting.
  13. so i heard at Minerva just now.. Wah damn happy for you dude. =) Burger-King can sell already!
  14. sorry gentlemen. I just ended work.. As im working very weird hours this two weeks, my sleeping patterns have also changed. Hence, with my deepest regrets, i am unable to join tonight's ride.
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