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  1. Finding num #12.. anyone have can pm
  2. hi there. i saw ur post regarding airbox for sps. because i have this sp that has a really bad FC. about 130km++ per full tank. i went to the mechanic somewhere at ubi. tht person told me my nsr is using a power filter and there's no airbox. hence explains to poor FC. erm. so if i get a airbox and replace with it. my FC will turn out better ?

  3. hi im selling SP nsr 150 as well... http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/301765-Sp-!!!-Sp-!!!-Sp-!!!-Nsr-sp-150**

    do take a look , currently my highest offer is 1200 .. im looking for more better price before deal ..

    if you are interested please sms to my cellphone 90286230 and quote me your price .. , thanks .

  4. price neg? issit brand new? cos it's abit over my budget
  5. anyone knows what vintage/classic round tail light from any bike model tats nice? i wanna fix on my rxk..
  6. procedures?? take the $, take the new owner IC. go down LTA and transfer.. it's owner choice to laid up bike(means no nid buy insurance).. or owner buy non-riding insurance.. if wana transfer w/o insurance MUST laid up.. if not new owner get insurance first.. then transfer..
  7. arai fits my head best.. but if i wear spec wah damn uncomfortable mans..
  8. try bike production?? nt sure if they carry.. the new 125z nice.. hahas
  9. aft hw long? b4 i pass i ride my bike i alreadi lidat.. filter thru traffic to get infront.. rite leg down left prepare 2 kick gear.. and yellow light i dun like stop i like to drop gear and go past it.. haha.. dun like 2 wait for traffic lights..
  10. seems good.. maybe a good item for repairing scratches on our bikes as well?? btw bro, where's this agent located @?
  11. how does those high polishing works.. i ever seen those dull bike b4 chrome and a super ultra glaring bright bike after chroming..
  12. my vforce3 reed valve for sale.. $200 anyone wants?? pm me to deal..
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