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  1. that's a huge wedding convoy! awesome....
  2. same same but differnt... =) what yr did HD stop selling the carby models? why not you guys post some pics of your rides for admiration...?
  3. Hi Hagar, thanks for your feedback. I understand what you mean. but how about perfomance of the bike, not much difference i suppose? HD upgraded to EFI more like a technology advancement thingy i guess....
  4. Hi Guys, Just a few questions and hope you guys can share your knowledge or opinion. btw, I don't ride a harley, but has some queries and being a potential owner in time to come hopefully. Are the a lot of difference in performance and maintenance between earlier carb models vs new age EFI ones? Can those older non-rubber mounted engines be converted to "rubber mount"? pardon me as i am guessing its just adding rubber monutings, not technical person here. thanks..
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