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  1. Hi, are u still selling the EBC brake pads? If yes do u have it for Fucco 500? Or MP 500 as its known in some markets overseas?

    Will appreciate if u can contact me at 96804372. Thanks.


  2. hi, how much is the ebc hh brake pad for cbr600?

  3. KNN air filter and EBC brake pad for cbr400 how much? Pad come in a pair?

  4. Hi do you have K+N air filter for P200? hehe.. 9021 6834 - Yau.. Thanks!

  5. Hi, do u still have the KNN af for p180? uncle mj ask me to look for u..if so please contact me at 81801260 tyvm

  6. Hi, may I know the price for FA197,FA197HH,FA419,FA419HH& FA379HH. Thanks.

  7. 125z is not listed in the catalogue, some have told me there's a ebc model that fits, but none has been able to tell me the exact ebc part number.... if you can get the number for me, i can quote u the price

  8. due to many ppl who defaulted, asked me to booked, but never turned up, some dun even reply my sms/calls, some only reply when i ask them to collect, the better wans, bothered to tell me.


    i have to take a deposit, so far non have defaulted anymore. hope you understand.

  9. u ve got a pairfor 125z front n bc..


    how much will it cost me

  10. is it possible to pay upfront?

  11. Hi,what type of EBC rear brake pads available for CB1000R 08-09 ABS model? Can list the prices? Thnx in advance.

  12. how much for fazer600 s1 k&n air filter? thks in adv..

  13. I'd like to get a pair of HH sintered front and a set of organic rear for my cb400 revo non abs. Let me know the total price and acc no to transfer. Thanks

  14. Hi u still selling k&n Air filter? If yes, how much is the filter for fz1s 10 model?

  15. HI, Have 2 ONLY pairs of GFA95HH left over from the MO. some ass booked but didnt collect in the end. Going for 80/per pair, usual 113. Take note this is the GFA series, which means the highest range in EBC equivalent of current EPFA. Much stronger and faster biting than the usual HH sintered which is already commonly used for track. This is the ultimate series in EBC range. suitable for the following ducati models: Supersport 400 93-97 F 400 Monster 95-97 F Supermono (549cc) 93-95 F 600 Monster 93-99 F 600 Monster Dark 98-99 F 600 Monster City/City Dark 99 F 600 Supers
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