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  1. xkissx

    Honda PCX 150

    Anybody have this problem with pcx 150 led model. My iding speed very inconsistent. Sometime high sometime Low.
  2. Sorry. Looking for 1 with camera

  3. Have a used SMH10 if you are interested.

  4. hmm so it really can save in the fuel, but sound like abit hard to believe ar...
  5. just 1 to check with any ver S riders, all the 3 meter using wat bulb, the m400 got new stock sia like gd onil sia, feel like trying
  6. went down to the shop recently beside motoworld at ubi, the guy told me with better kan tong can save on the fuel sia.. i dono true or not, wat i know is that coner will be more stable, about the fuel comsumtion that i dono sia,
  7. wah lan, i 1 to hit 380km, always ard 350-360 max, hit reserve.
  8. just install the motovation balancer today, wah the feeling is dam shiock ar, the ride is like dam smooth all the way even at 100km/h still dam smooth...
  9. o.O okie lah from my place mandai rd straight down reach liao.
  10. wah cannot tai han liao i think i will change my header to stainless steel. After seeing ah pek bike, hahaha
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