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  1. Yeah new 2021 model has a 5th gear too. Maybe this means it'll be slightly better on the highway?
  2. Just gotta mention that the decathlon raincoats flap around ALOT in the wind, sometimes I'm scared it will tear haha
  3. From what I understand 2 strokes are alot more powerful than 4 strokes. RXZ 135 has 20 hp compared to like a CB150r with around 17hp, despite the RXZ having a smaller cc engine. I have zero experience with 2 strokes but from what I've heard 2 strokes are alot easier to maintain and repair, also you have to use a special kind of engine oil 2t. Carbs need to be tuned every once in a while, FIs are operated by a computer so no need to adjust. One less headache when servicing, but if your battery has a problem your throttle will have problem. That's all that I can recall off the top of my he
  4. The rebel 300 is the smaller brother to the rebel 500 that Boon Siew recently imported to Singapore. It's got a 286 cc single cylinder, same as the CB300R, that generates 27.4 horsepower. When I went to boon siew I asked one of the guys there whether it would come to Singapore he mentioned it might come sometime next year. I love the cruiser styling, and I think it will make a good addition to the relatively limited 2A bike lineup in SG (would be nice change up from the good old super 4). Anyone else interested in the bike?
  5. Hi, I've heard that there are some problems with the tail light (apparently it's a bit sensitive to rain). I've been riding the cb190r for around a year, 6months on the BBDC CB190r and 6 months on mine. I got it during the sale that Imperialknight mentioned. So far I've experienced not much problems with the bike (new mah) but I have heard of some people needing to overhaul the bike after only 3 months. My opinion is that if you don't rev too hard you should be fine. I only rev to about 7000-7500 RPM and that's enough for Singapore highways going from 80 -90 kph. I find the bike doesn't lik
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