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  1. Your inbox full.

    Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa Pro 120/70-17 190/55-17 $380.00 (UP: $440.00)

  2. Hey! came across this vid for all you BeeeMEeeer(BMW) riders:)...this is how it should be ridden!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btRvVLA0KzM&feature=related
  3. 'LocalRider', doesn't describe you bro, you're one of the old bird Tourers who live on all the SEA highways right!?!?!
  4. Hey FunkyMunky, long time no c:)
  5. wahahaha...U R the Devil:angel:
  6. Rev ur bike to 12k on a long straight rd, that's music to ur ears!! Anyway where have you been?...back from the dark side ah wahaahahaho_O
  7. ya HL hired a sound man I guess lol...
  8. ...I did mine at 60k, but @ 40k & 50k, I went to HL for a 'sound check' by the mechs...lol whatever:)
  9. washing your whole fleet...gonna be a long day for you bro:angel:
  10. bro first check your if your steering cone is loose eg. lock nut,bearings...or tyre pressure is ok, 36psi front and 42psi rear, is what is recommended for normal riding.
  11. Very nice!..Performance Bling:)
  12. Very nice!..Performance Bling:)
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