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  1. Hi you stay macpherson ?

  2. ahhhh... u can try one way.. but might not work all the time.. i always "act kayu".. shake shake.. wobble abit... so they scared and "gost tan". hahaha. that's a good one for female riders =x
  3. i dun mind returning the favour.. but he dun wan ppl to pillion him..
  4. kel, i saw ur hair. u got experienced some "chi ji" issit? why go perm until liddat?
  5. On behalf of MDE team, I would like to wish acesiew a happy departing with his baby GSR400.. You had survived, overcome yourself and made the decision. Look forward and never look back. May the force be with you. http://images.acesiew.multiply.com/image/15/photos/40/500x500/13/going%20to%20Tea%20Garden%20for%20High%20Tea.JPG?et=tpACrUMM8iw32%2BAbQPjU4Q&nmid=51821339
  6. chase gers need $$$$ take photography muz buy camera. why not invest in a pc. and pak game everyday. happy x 10 :cheeky:
  7. maybe he wants to try the feeling of being a "cai"
  8. yo guys. btw tomoro if u guys are still watching CJ7.. maybe u all can confirm exclude me out le.. cos i juz watched today =X it's more to a kids show, and if u like humourous shows.. den ok lor.. but alot of cute cute things inside lar. not much of story line though.. maybe u all can consider changing to the ah long pte ltd show.. not bad.. and kungfu dunk oso quite interesting..
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