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  1. Hi anyone has experience buying ducati from looi's before? Besides the shorter warranty period (1 year instead of 2 years from ducati agent), are there any other things I should consider? The price of a 796 with abs is only 23k, compared to 27k for the agent. Its like getting a 796 for the price of 696! Would love to hear from you guys, before I make my decision. Was deciding between the 696 and the street triple, but then came across the 796 at looi's. Man its really tough making a decision among those bikes.
  2. Hi andy, would need your help to activate my account too. Want to post my bike for sale, Thanks !

  3. Hi bro, cant post new threads also, says I do not have the permission to start new threads. Would like to sell some stuff. Appreciate ur help please.

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