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  1. Hey bro thanks, you've got a pretty sweet ride yourself! I guess they lost a chunk of the interest when the super 4 came in 08. Perhaps the larger size compared to the S4 or maybe the brand loyalty. Nonetheless I love the size of this ride, I find it more comfy as I'm more on the tall side. Haven't done any mods, spent a chunk of my free time spray painting the panels and headers... mostly cosmetic but very satisfying. Was hoping to get resurrect this thread to get some advice from the GSR old birds lol.
  2. Morning everyone. This is a long shot seeing that there's no new updates to this thread since last year but here goes. I just got me a 2007 GSR400 and was wondering if there's a group still functioning to share tips and advice. Looking forward to catching up with fellow GSR riders. Cheers
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