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  1. i have replace my bulb in my meter to led and have some spares, you will need 6 t10 and 6 t5 to replace all meter lights. do pm me .

    can advise on how to replace to t10 & t5 for CBF 150?



  2. Good job....let there be peace, knowledge transfers and idea evolution.
  3. opinion on how the bike will look like with topbox? seriously of changing if can mount with topbox and look nice. seems like i have to wait for a long while more
  4. may i know any bro here that bought the bike mounted a top box to it like givi e45? is the box attached by means or a monorack or can be mounted directly like the CBF150 via the baseplate only.
  5. oh ya...i won 4 bottle of engine oil and jacket from the sbf challenge and the ipone products in the lucky draw, i was not focusing on what prizes was being drawn as i was busy taking pictures of the racequeen. suddenly i heard my nick being called out.... lol...... next year hope we can planned and meet up on the event and may everyone is a winner next time round. anywei i took a good look at the yamaha fz16.....$6400 with COE exclude insurance... tempting http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/pikapika23/IMG_1421.jpg
  6. haha....just happen to be there when she rode pass with an "stunned" bike where i can see the rotors moving on the engine... and quincy.....u got no chance to take pics cos u are busy to ensure everything runs smoothly lar......your efforts are appreciated by everyone...that i am very sure......
  7. Charismatic lady on sports racing bike http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/pikapika23/IMG_1383.jpg?t=1295255232 http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/pikapika23/IMG_1385.jpg?t=1295255232
  8. hope everyone that attended the SBF anniversary event over the weekend won something or at least enjoyed the event.
  9. anyone know who is this gal? she has a charismatic aroma when she rode on the bike....
  10. congrats to all winners and org. committee for putting up a fantastic show / event. it gets better and better, i was at the 7th SBF anniversary at singapore flyer (2008) and am impressed with how the event was org. this year. btw just to ask the admins, founder or mods.... i am just curious when is the actual date that SBF goes live in the internet or foundered.
  11. sorry, i buy from one of shop in city square at 180RM for 1 year supply L&B softlens 38 monthly disposable
  12. for L&B softlens 38, singapore price with promo is buy 3 box free 1 box priced at 38 per box now i ask in sin no more promo and its priced at 152 for 1 year supply JB L&B softlens 38 priced at 180RM for 4 boxes savings of at least 50 sin
  13. dont think there is power cut, max speed is 110km/h no matter how u mod. increasing the torque will be more useful for singapore road search the forum and u will find a shop in defu that do powder coat but they are not a bike shop and u have to detach and polish and SAND the RIMS before u sent it in. price about 100 a piece.
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