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  1. i have replace my bulb in my meter to led and have some spares, you will need 6 t10 and 6 t5 to replace all meter lights. do pm me .

    can advise on how to replace to t10 & t5 for CBF 150?



  2. Good job....let there be peace, knowledge transfers and idea evolution.
  3. New Class2b bike from Yamaha - the FZ 16 (Lord of the Streets) Pros Macho and muscular look LCD meter with engine starting meter Distinct shaped 2 layer exhaust Front 100/80-17, Rear 140/60-R17 Tyre profile Multi-reflector headlamp Cons Rear Drum Brake No rear box bracket yet Engine Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve Displacement 153.0cc Bore & Stroke 58.0 × 57.9mm Compression ratio 9.5:1 Maximum output 14PS / 7500 rpm Maximum torque 14 N.m / 6000 rpm Starting method Electric start/Kick start (optional) Lubrication type Electric start/Kick star
  4. opinion on how the bike will look like with topbox? seriously of changing if can mount with topbox and look nice. seems like i have to wait for a long while more
  5. may i know any bro here that bought the bike mounted a top box to it like givi e45? is the box attached by means or a monorack or can be mounted directly like the CBF150 via the baseplate only.
  6. oh ya...i won 4 bottle of engine oil and jacket from the sbf challenge and the ipone products in the lucky draw, i was not focusing on what prizes was being drawn as i was busy taking pictures of the racequeen. suddenly i heard my nick being called out.... lol...... next year hope we can planned and meet up on the event and may everyone is a winner next time round. anywei i took a good look at the yamaha fz16.....$6400 with COE exclude insurance... tempting http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/pikapika23/IMG_1421.jpg
  7. haha....just happen to be there when she rode pass with an "stunned" bike where i can see the rotors moving on the engine... and quincy.....u got no chance to take pics cos u are busy to ensure everything runs smoothly lar......your efforts are appreciated by everyone...that i am very sure......
  8. Charismatic lady on sports racing bike http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/pikapika23/IMG_1383.jpg?t=1295255232 http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/pikapika23/IMG_1385.jpg?t=1295255232
  9. hope everyone that attended the SBF anniversary event over the weekend won something or at least enjoyed the event.
  10. anyone know who is this gal? she has a charismatic aroma when she rode on the bike....
  11. congrats to all winners and org. committee for putting up a fantastic show / event. it gets better and better, i was at the 7th SBF anniversary at singapore flyer (2008) and am impressed with how the event was org. this year. btw just to ask the admins, founder or mods.... i am just curious when is the actual date that SBF goes live in the internet or foundered.
  12. sorry, i buy from one of shop in city square at 180RM for 1 year supply L&B softlens 38 monthly disposable
  13. for L&B softlens 38, singapore price with promo is buy 3 box free 1 box priced at 38 per box now i ask in sin no more promo and its priced at 152 for 1 year supply JB L&B softlens 38 priced at 180RM for 4 boxes savings of at least 50 sin
  14. dont think there is power cut, max speed is 110km/h no matter how u mod. increasing the torque will be more useful for singapore road search the forum and u will find a shop in defu that do powder coat but they are not a bike shop and u have to detach and polish and SAND the RIMS before u sent it in. price about 100 a piece.
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