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  1. Ducati’s legendary naked bike - the Ducati Monster, showed up in 1993, a Massimo Tamburini-designed beauty with a steel trellis frame and Ducati’s infamous L-twin on full display. It was a hit, but even with a blue-chip name behind the drawing board, it was a parts-bin special. That, friends, ain’t the case here. The 937cc Testastretta L-twin pushes out 111 ponies to push the new Monster’s insanely lithe 366-pound dry weight. Backing that up is 68.7 pound-feet torque at 6,500 rpm. As is de rigueur with Ducati, it sucks its air and gas through desmodromic valves. Peak power hits at 9
  2. Not unlike the major Japanese players, Kymco has constantly sought to improve its product offerings to cater to the ever-increasing demands of motorcyclist. Gone are the days that owners just want a no-frills cheap motorcycle to get around but even the entry level models now comes packed with modern technology like ABS, smartphone integration, and many many more! We wrote on the Y-Connect from Yamaha as well as the RoadSync from Honda and today, we bring you the Kymco Noodoe which is now available from all bikes and scooters available from Kymco's exclusive distributor in Singapore
  3. The Singapore Police Force on Tuesday (April 13) warned of a new type of scam targeting delivery personnel from parcel and food delivery companies. As part of the scam, victims would first receive a cash-on-delivery order via their company’s delivery mobile application. Under the pretext of making payment for the delivery, the scammers would then ask for the victims’ mobile phone numbers via the delivery app, claiming that this was to transfer the money to them via PayLah!. PayLah! is an e-payment app used by DBS and POSB banks. The victims would receive a one-time password (OT
  4. Special promotion with Le Bistrot Du Sommelier for Vespa owners by Mah Pte Ltd! Vespa Scooters are distributed exclusively in Singapore by: Mah Pte Ltd www.mah.com.sg Address: 1179 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328232 Phone: 6295 6393 Indulge in a special Vespa Pic Nic treat in the middle of the city! From the revolutionary Vespa Primavera, the Vespa Pic Nic is born - created with features that give off the vibe of a relaxing picnic day. Celebrate the launch of Vespa Pic Nic in Singapore, and live more spontaneously. Check out our event coverage of the Ves
  5. Special promotion with Le Bistrot Du Sommelier for Vespa owners by Mah Pte Ltd! Indulge in a special Vespa Pic Nic treat in the middle of the city! From the revolutionary Vespa Primavera, the Vespa Pic Nic is born - created with features that give off the vibe of a relaxing picnic day. Celebrate the launch of Vespa Pic Nic in Singapore, and live more spontaneously. Flash your Vespa key at Le Bistrot Du Sommelier and get an exclusively curated picnic box at just $55 nett. Serving size is for 4, so grab a few friends and hang out together! Vespa owners also enjoy
  6. Short clip on Channel News Asia regarding the harsher helmet laws, good to watch if you have a couple of minutes!
  7. AV1U Yamaha MX King T150 P.S. Plenty of #1 plates popping up nowadays!
  8. Unique Motorsports is holding their blowout sale on their current top-of-the-line ASV levers for your motorcycle! Normal price of the ASV C5 levers are priced at S$220 each, and a set would usually set you back S$440 for the pair without installation. Take advantage of Unique Motorsports promotion now and get BOTH the clutch and brake lever INSTALLED for S$280 everything included! Details below! Prices have never been this low and ASV has a wide range of applications and you can be sure that they would suit your motorcycle perfectly! From Unique Motorsports on their ASV Guarant
  9. Bro James recently shared in the Singapore Classic Motorcycle Group that he had actually written in to LTA to request for approval to run his classic 1967 Triumph Daytona motorcycles and have actually gotten the written approval from them that side indicators are not required as "the manufacturer did not originally installed turn signals or side indicators on the motorcycle from the factory". From LTA feedback e-mail: So if you have a classic motorcycle that do not currently have indicators and you would like to keep the original look of the motorcycle, do write in to LTA a
  10. @Andrew Quek Congrats on starting your Class 2 journey! It's an amazing feeling once you finish all the classes and can ride ANY motorcycle without ANY restriction. Since you've already completed 3 simulators and 2 practical lessons, you're almost at the finishing end! I've found the TP testers at CDC to be rather strict though, not in the the past where they said Class 2 sure pass cause TP give chance. I've been hearing that they're stricter with Class 2A/2 riders so be sure to watch out for wobbling, improper lane change, etc. Those demerit points add up quickly. All the best
  11. Bear's Garage, another very popular workshop among the XMax community, has chimed in to share their 2 cents on the whole XMax engine oil consumption issue (WARNING: The pictures looks NASTY!!): The Yamaha XMAX 300, one of the more popular models on the road now. With it's decent fuel consumption vs power, massive underseat compartment and array of aftermarket accessories, there is no wonder why these bikes sell like hotcakes. There is however, a big issue with the XMAX that majority of riders know about. In a lot of cases, the engine consumes engine oil at a higher rate compared to
  12. Just sharing for fellow DIY-ers or bikers who are looking for some missing screws, bolts, washers, nuts, etc Yong Seng Screws Pte Ltd supply most of the DIY shops and many workshops also head to them to look for hard to find items. Prices are ok but there is a minimum purchase quantity of 3-5 screws if you are not buying in bulk. Best to bring your own screws down so they guys can help you out and find a perfect match. 3 outlets in Singapore, i've found the Ubi branch to be the best stocked outlet. YMMV. Good luck to all DIY-ers and have fun! French Road Blk 802, French R
  13. Some photos from Royal Enfield Singapore, the new Himalayan 411 is looking awesome, especially in that camo colourway. What do you think?
  14. Saw this post by bro Mohammed Aidil, makes a lot of sense and very useful. Pasting it here so that other members can benefit from this! Although, ive had experience appealing for a few kinds of offences. What i can share is: 1. Appeal and own up that you know what you did was wrong. Apologise. 2. The reason you did it. This part need to be strong. Dont worry about being silly. Be truthful. 3. Pain point in paying for the fine. Just got a new job. Affected by covid badly. Just getting back up on your feet. Ask for emphathy. Promise that you will be more responsible in future.
  15. I don't think i've ever changed a fuel injector on any vehicle before haha. It's one of those items that "use until spoil"! With modern direct injection engines, i think the issues of clogging, etc are less but good to get feedback from those who have tried injector cleaning services before. @adesmond2 Which workshop are you talking about? Maybe we can speak to them to find out and learn more..
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